Why choose a Bradford White water heater in Quebec?

19 November 2018,

Why should you consider Bradford White when you are looking for a water heater?


After heating and cooling, water heaters are the third largest consumers of residential energy. Naturally, you would prefer a durable product. Bradford White water heaters are reliable; you are sure to get your money’s worth. They will provide you with hot water for many years.

Bradford White residential water heaters, just like Giant water heaters among others, are designed with a multitude of models that suit your specific needs. Based on your preference,  you can choose from different energy sources such as:

  • Natural gas,
  • Propane gas,
  • electricity,
  • oil and
  • the sun.


These characteristics define a Bradford White water heater.

Bradford White residential water heaters offer exclusive features, without additional fees, that can’t be found elsewhere. Here are some of their standard equipment:

  • «Hydrojet» Performance System:
    • Helps to slow down the build-up of sediments in the tank,
    • Heats water faster using minimal energy.
  • Internal coating in «Vitraglas»:
  • The inner wall of the tank for electric and gas water heaters is protected from corrosion by a high silica glass ceramic coating applied to the enamel and exclusive to Bradford White.
  • ICON System: intelligent gas control that combines monitoring
    • of the temperature,
    • diagnostic codes and
    • system ignition function.
  • «ScreenLok» Technology:
    • A flame arrestor system if vapors ignite outside the combustion chamber,
    • Electric water heaters equipped with this technology offer more efficient yields and release very little NOx (combination of the 2 nitrogen generated by combustion but also naturally present in the air because they are also produced by lightning),
    • A thermal switch is installed to turn off the burner and pilot light if there is insufficient air supply due to the build-up of dust or soot.


Purchase and installation of Bradford White water heaters: the different types

Learn about Bradford White water heaters and their prices.

Several water heater manufacturers sell their products in large stores or in branches of major retail chains so that they can be bought and installed by everyone.

Bradford White chose to sell their products only in plumbing and heating supply centers. The reason is simple: they have given themselves the obligation to ensure that their products are installed professionally.

For Bradford White, only an approved installer must perform the majority, if not all, of the water heater’s maintenance functions.

Of course, it is good to mention that we have installed this or that device itself but if we equip his home with a device in which there is gas, electricity, an open flame or carbon monoxide … better t leave that to a professional

By using a certified professional plumber, you will be assured:

  • access to a full range of high-end water heaters with features that cannot be found in water heaters sold in major retail chains or stores,
  • that the installation of your Bradford White water heater will be safe and,
  • your warranty is valid.

In addition, a professional will guide you in choosing a water heater that really suits your needs.


Bradford White instantaneous water heaters: for hot water on demand

Bradford White instantaneous water heaters are also called on-demand or tankless water heaters. Yes, hot water comes on demand. Occupying just a little space (approximately as large as a suitcase), they are designed for residential use or as a booster heater for light commercial use.

For example, for a low-traffic shower located at the other end of a building, an instantaneous water heater is ideal and the price is less than the cost of connecting the pipes extending to that location.

The instant water heater is often used in a three (3)-season cottage or as an auxiliary water heater. Indeed, the energy demand for instantaneous heating of water that reaches the water heater near 0 degrees C in winter is far too high for an electric instantaneous water heater to be effective in Canada. Although used in the United States, Asia, and Europe, under our climate, it is better to choose another source of energy for an instantaneous water heater here.

The instantaneous water heater operates such that when the faucet opens, a sensor detects water movement and the burner of the Bradford White Instant Water Heater is activated.

For better efficiency, it is best to install the instantaneous water heater as close as possible to the tap where it will be most frequently used.


The Bradford White propane water heater gives you more hot water at a lower costA propane Bradford White water heater will help you save money on your energy bill.

Propane water heaters (tanks):  As mentioned above, the energy required to heat water on demand near 0 degrees C in winter in  Canada is excessive. This is why it is better to choose propane gas as fuel.

In addition, substantial savings can be realized by opting for a bioenergy system, as propane water heaters reduce electricity consumption during periods of high demand when winter temperatures are very cold.

Several types of propane water heaters can operate during power outages, with the exception of forced draft water heater models.

Propane water heaters remain useful for many years, particularly because of their:

  • advanced controls,
  • resistant components and
  • heating elements that are long-lasting.

Bradford White’s new propane water heater is an amazing technological breakthrough.

The stabilized titanium burner is characterized by excellent resistance to the very high calorific energy generated by propane gas when it burns. The Bradford White Propane Water Heater is therefore resistant to warping and corrosion.

Due to its self-regulating capacity, it does not require any adjustment of the air flaps.

In addition, it is almost maintenance-free because there is no accumulation of soot. Indeed, efficient combustion manages the potential residues.

This new Bradford White propane water heater design reduces noise; it is, therefore, quieter.


Bradford White natural gas heaters: Design that gives ultimate efficiency

Whether you buy a tank-mounted gas water heater or an instantaneous water heater, you can use natural gas or propane gas as an energy source. The performance of a gas water heater and its energy efficiency will be the same whether you use one or the other.

The only restriction is accessibility to the product. If your home can be connected to a natural gas distribution network, you can choose natural gas or propane gas. Otherwise, only propane gas can be used for your gas water heater.

The advantage of using natural gas to power your water heater is that this same energy source can also be used to heat the house.

If you compare an electric water heater to a propane gas water heater or a natural gas water heater, they heat your domestic water very quickly, or even two (2) times faster than an electric water heater.

In addition, the operating cost of a gas water heater is lower while an electric water heater does not require exhaust air ducts.

The gas water heater needs air to start and gas combustion thereafter. The air used may come from the environment of the water heater or from outside.

On the other hand, it is also important for reasons of safety to return the air used for combustion, which now contains harmful particles.

Stale air can be rejected to the outside in three (3) ways:

  • conventional: by a chimney,
  • by natural ventilation (or mechanical): no chimneys or fans are used. The gas water heater is installed against an outside wall and the air is discharged directly,
  • by high ventilation: the installation is the same as for natural ventilation, but the air is pushed outdoors by means of a fan running on electricity.

In this regard, it is important to choose the right ventilation option for you when buying a gas water heater. You will have to consider the energy and economic aspects.


Approximate prices of Bradford White gas heaters

40-50 gallon gas-fired water heaters are the most popular since gas-fired water heaters of this size are sufficient for a family of 4 to 6 people living in medium-sized homes, with 2 to 3 bathrooms.

  • 40-gallon capacity: approximately $700.00
  • 50-gallon capacity: approximately $950.00


The Bradford White electric water heater can be installed in any room

The choice of Bradford White electric water heater models is not as broad as gas water heaters but ir does offer many possibilities. You’ll find the water heater that’s right for you, no matter what your need is for an electric water heater:

  • Entry level,A Bradford White hot water tank offers many benefits to its owners.
  • standard,
  • top of the line,
  • instant (wall-mounted) or
  • large capacity.


In addition, Bradford White electric water heaters are available according to:

  • capacity (type) of up to 119 gallons,
  • power ranging from 1500 to 6000 watts,
  • voltage from 120 to 480 volts.


The Bradford White electric and gas water heaters share many features like:

  • «Hydrojet» system performance,
  • Internal coating in «Vitraglas»,
  • Heat trap,


The electric water heater has several advantages:

  • easy installation,
  • versatility in the place of installation,
  • several choices in size (capacity) of the tank and models,
  • does not require ventilation ducts and toxic gas evacuation,
  • the purchase price and installation are cheaper than that of a gas water heater,
  • has a relatively long and useful life,
  • energy efficiency of up to 99%,
  • all households are serviced by an electricity network unlike gas,
  • this water heater requires little maintenance, easy to clean,
  • issues are easy to diagnose and fix,


The price of a Bradford White electric water heater

A Bradford White electric water heater has a retail price of:

  • for a 20-gallon capacity: approximately $600.00
  • for a 50-gallon capacity: approximately $800.00


Prices of Bradford White water heaters

Type of Bradford White water heater Average price
Electric 40 gallons $600 Electric, 50 gallons $800
Gas, 40 gallons $700 Gas, 50 gallons $950


Warranty offered by Bradford White

The Bradford White water heater’s basic warranty, valid for six (6) years, covers:

  • the tank, whose inner wall is covered with glass and
  • leaks and other malfunctions caused by manufacturing defects in the parts or materials that are deficient.


There is also a 10 year extended warranty.

Bradford White residential instant water heaters offer a 12-year limited warranty on heat exchangers and 5 years on parts

If the home is sold, the warranty valid for the first purchaser is transferable to the next owners, as long as the water heater remains installed in its original location.


You now know why Bradford White water heaters have such a good reputation. The Bradford White brand is synonymous with:

  • product quality,Are you curious about Bradford White product warranties?
  • innovative design,
  • advanced technological features,
  • excellent service,
  • availability of parts and
  • fast repairs.


You can trust Bradford White if you are looking for:

  • a natural gas water heater,
  • a propane water heater,
  • an electric water heater, or
  • an instant water heater.


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