If you are looking for a water heater that combines great prices and quality, Giant is the choice for you.

While you are looking for a water heater, have you looked at the Giant models in the market? They are cheaper than most of the other models and have a long lifespan and a good warranty. For a water heater in Quebec, look no further. Giant has products everywhere. You can get one in almost any hardware store in Canada. The Compact from Giant is the basic hot water tank that is good for almost any family. You can find one for under $200 and most plumbers will find it easy to install. The Giant Cascade model has better insulation for under $350. Again, it is fairly common everywhere in the country. Lastly, the Super Cascade from Giant has an aluminum anode and is a very good hot water tank. Its price under $400 should be a good bet for every household. To save on installation, fill out the form you find on this page and you will receive free quotes from experts.