40-gallon hot water tank vs. 60-gallon hot water tank: how to choose?

15 November 2018,

Do you know if you need a 40-gallon hot water tank or a 60- gallon water heater for your household?)


Has your water heater reached its maximum lifespan and you are thinking of getting a replacement? You should reevaluate your needs based on a few criteria that could save you money.

You might think that buying a smaller water heater will help reduce your energy expenditure but that is not the case. It’s more about our lifestyle and the equipment in our home that mostly affects our consumption levels.


The price difference between a 40-gallon water heater and a 60-gallon (ex: regular Giant)


 40-gallon Water Heater 60-gallon Water Heater
Hardware store A $549 + taxes $689 + taxes
Hardware store B $645 + taxes $685 + taxes
Hardware store C $649 + taxes $699 + taxes


The installation is not included in the prices above. Prices vary a lot so it is definitely worth comparing prices. Request for your free quote on this page to see prices with installation from a professional plumber.


The first step in buying a water heater: identify your needs

Price differences between the 40-gallon and 60-gallon hot water tanks found out in a hardware store.

From the outset, a water heater containing 40 gallons of water can meet the average needs of 2-3 persons. For a tank of 60 gallons, it can service 4-5 residents.

On the other hand, some users need more water than others so it is important to evaluate hot water consumption to establish your needs.

  • Does your bath have a deep tub?
  • How many water jets does your shower head have?
  • Are you the type to take quick or long showers?
  • How often do you take a bath?
  • Do you have flow limiters?
  • Do you wash your clothes in hot or cold water?
  • Do you fill up your washing machine to the brim before using it?

The answers you get will help you understand the type of consumer you are and guide your choice in a water heater.

A water heater that is too small will not satisfy your hot water needs and if too large will mean wasting money on energy. Furthermore, it should be noted that hot water accounts for 15% of our monthly energy bill.  You can save money at the end of the year if you make the right choice.

Two factors are often overlooked when analysing our needs.  These are the temperature of the room where the water heater is located and the insulation of the hot water pipes. The potential loss of heat should also be considered when evaluating your situation in order to get the overall picture.


What difference would a 40-gallon or 60-gallon water heater mean for you?

Major differences between a 40 and 60-gallon water heater for you.Once you have established your consumption level based on the needs of the occupants of your home, you can now choose the water heater that is most convenient to your lifestyle. For a normal consumption of 2 to 3 persons, you can already benefit from buying a water heater with a capacity of 40 gallons.

In addition to saving money, it will be sufficient even during periods when your hot water consumption is higher.

For those who tend to use greater quantities of hot water, it is advisable to choose a tank of 60 gallons for 2 to 3 persons.

A water heater containing 60 gallons is ideal for 4 à 5 average users. If you think that a 60-gallon tank is not enough for your needs, it is possible to obtain a bigger one with a capacity of 80 gallons.

You could be torn between a 40-gallon or a 60-gallon water heater, even after you have made your assessment of your average consumption. It is advisable to get a bigger water heater in this case because it will satisfy your hot water requirements.  A water heater that is too small will fill up more often and will be subject to premature wear and tear.

It should also be noted that a 60-gallon water heater may have 3 electrical components rather than just the usual 2. They will reduce your electricity consumption and save money because these components are less powerful and more energy-efficient.


Enjoy a high-quality water heater: the signs

Greater quality means a better hot water tank for you and your family.In addition to choosing between a 40 or 60-gallon water heater, depending on your hot water needs, you can save according to the quality of the product. To be sure of the energy consumption, you can rely on the Energy Star rating which is an indicator of low energy consumption.

There is also the First hour Rating (FHR) which is associated with each water heater. A higher rating will indicate that the water heater is performing well during peak periods and you are less likely to be short! The number of watts a water heater produces also influences the ability to quickly heat up water. For example, a 60-gallon 4500-watt water heater will heat 249 liters of water in one hour.

A 40-gallon, 3000 watts water heater will produce about 175 liters of hot water in one hour.

Also, high-end water heaters can help you to save money from energy consumption. Premium models are designed so that cold water entering the tank does not come into direct contact with hot water, which lowers the temperature. This helps prevent heat loss and saves about $15 a year.

Low-end models, meanwhile, helps you to save money from the purchase price rather than in the long term. Choose what suits you best according to your budget. It should also be noted that high-end models generally have a longer life than the cheaper models.


Warranties for your 40 or 60-gallon in Quebec

Once you have made your choice between a 40 or 60-gallon water heater, you can choose a device that comes with a warranty. Entry-level models will normally offer a 6-year warranty on leaks and a 1-piece warranty. In the case of high-end appliances, they will offer a warranty ranging from 8 to 12 years for leaks.


Choose your water heater now and pay the right price

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